alexa montesa

 Portrait of a Place

Williamstown, MA

collected by: Alexa Montesa - January 2017

A piece of artwork that represents your experience in that place.

What is the most predominant color?
White snow

A food or drink moment.

For dinner we collectively prepared skirt steak, which created a smog in the kitchen when  Danny fried it;
greens with cucumbers, tomatoes, olive oil, feta, pepper, salt;
roasted sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, beets, garlic, olive oil; wine.
In the morning, prepared collectively pancakes with strawberries, maple syrup;
reheated roast vegetables; scrambled eggs; caramelized red onion, greens.

Why did you go there? First time?
Lily arranged all her friends together to go to Mass MoCA,
I was one of the seven included. It was my first time.

A song you heard.
Many renditions of Angel Olsen’s “Shut Up Kiss Me”

A mode of transportation.
A Honda Civic.

Who did you talk to?
Lily. Danny. Mike. Kenzie. Halon. Tom.

First scent you noticed.
When Danny was frying the skirt steak, he had the fire on too hot
so the reside from the steak cooking burned and smelled.

How much is a cigarette? A drink? A bus ticket?

Entrance to Mass MoCA was $18

How high were you? How low?
High: asleep in a bed on the third floor of the AirBnb we stayed at, slept with
Mike because I was afraid of the vibes of the house
Low: eating dinner in the basement of the house because the kitchen was down there.

People watch. Share the story of a stranger.
When walking into the Purple Pub on Saturday night around 10pm, the 15 people that were in the bar all turned in their seats to watch us come in.
A small enough town where they must know everyone and they clearly didn’t know us.

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