alexa montesa

 Portrait of a Place

Prospect Park, New York City, NY, US

collected by: Abby Pansch - March 2018


An expectation or concern you had.
Before moving, I thought there would be no green space in NYC.

Why did you go there? First time?
To cry after an emotional conversation with my mother.

What is the most predominant color?
the orange, fiery sun

A food or drink moment.
For a Alexa’s birthday gathering - I chatted with Ben about his job and traveling to
South Korea and my sister and I brought Alexa a red balloon that she tied to her bicycle.

And sharing rosé and expensive cheese that I couldn’t afford on a picnic with Sarah.

A song you heard.
The flowing tunes coming from Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival

A mode of transportation.
bikes, by foot

Who did you talk to?
close friends, past lovers

What did you learn?
It’s a place of solace and comfort.

First scent you noticed.

How high were you? How low?
Highest of highs on my regular runs.
*The place can change depending on your mood.

People watch. Share the story of a stranger.

Everyone moving in harmony, playing games, lying on the grass.

Recommended reading

anything about nature – Henry David Thoreau, Mary Oliver