alexa montesa

 Portrait of a Place

New Haven, CT

collected by: Alexa Montesa - November 2017

Why did you go there? First time?
This was my first time to New Haven.
I was there to visit my friend Lily who is working
towards her Master’s degree in set design.

A piece of artwork that represents your experience there. 
The Yale Art Gallery was filled with amazing pieces, but among them are:

A collage by Kurt Schwitters

A painting by Edward Hopper which I’ve never seen before in person.
It brought me back to an art class in high school where we
had to recreate this image.

Where did you fall asleep?
In Lily’s bed.

What is the most predominant color?
I remember a lot of colors, but looking at most of the
photos I took, sand seems to be the most predominant.


If you need a book, head on over to Book Trader Cafe on Chapel St.

Inside the Yale Art Gallery in the late afternoon on a sunny day in November.

Across the street in the Yale Center for British Art you are not
allowed  to take photos, but I couldn’t help myself from snapping this.
I began to wonder what all goes into moving works of art: like how far
in advance did they schedule moving this sculpture since they probably
didn’t know it was going to rain while they did so. And yes, the guard
in the gallery yelled at me for taking this.

A mode of transportation.
a borrowed rental car from work

Who did you talk to?
Lily mostly and her mom Jane

Lily brought me into her studio and near her desk was her mood board
for her current project she was working on. 

What did you learn?
Lily told me all about the research libraries on campus and
how impecable they are. She told me about a secret society and a
secret spot the architecture students share to see the city
from high above. 

First scent you noticed.
one of Lily’s candles in her room

How much is a cigarette? A drink? A bus ticket?

Gryphon’s Pub at Gpscy had a cover of $5.
but then all drinks were $5.
I’m not sure if this is a good deal or not.

People watch. Share the story of a stranger. 

I was waiting for Lily to get out of her last design class so I walked
over to the Sterling Memorial Library and funnily enough I noticed a tall, slender
blonde man wearing sunglasses indoors who smelled sophisticated
and thought that was strange. He walked over to a woman and I could
only assume was their child. The woman turned around and I was embarassed
to turn red in the face because it was Jennifer Connelly
from the Princess Bride, a movie that I was obsessed with growing up.
I never did say hi.

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